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Mini storage units are contained units usually owned by a storage company. Each company will have various types and sizes of the units, so be sure you research the local facilities and determine which size is more cost efficient and spacious for the items you are going store there. This guide will go over the basic needs for storage units, what type of items are prohibited, and even some tips on storing your items.

Reasons to Use a Storage Unit

The reasons to use a storage unit changes with everyone, but here is a list of the most common reasons you may wish to rent or buy a mini storage unit:

1. Safety: Storage unit facilities come equipped with security features like locks, cameras, a gated entry that is password protected, and even security guards at some locations. You can store your most treasured belongings with peace of mind that they will be protected.

2. Room: A mini storage unit is a great way to get back some of the room in your home or office. Creating a more organized space can reduce the amount of stress by making it easier to work, find things faster, and reduce high amounts of unnecessary clutter. Families can definitely appreciate downsizing the amount of clothes and toys laying around and know that they can bring them back out of storage whenever they have the need or inclination.

3. Home Staging: Are you thinking of selling your residential or commercial property? Home staging is the act of staging your property to look clean and perfect for potential buyers when they come to view your place. By removing items that you don't deem necessary during the selling period, you may have a better chance at selling a home because it isn't cluttered. Clean, spacious walls and surfaces show off the space is a more efficient manner. You can always move the items back in if you decide to keep your home.

Prohibited Items

As mentioned before, there are certain items that are prohibited from storage units. The items are blacklisted due to safety concerns and compliance with federal and state laws. Here is a list of some of the most common items that you cannot store:

Weapons - The majority of storage unit facilities will not allow you to store weapons of any sort on their property. If you feel the need to store something that can be considered a weapon, you will have to receive permission from the manager of the facility.

Food - It is not very ideal to store food in store units because it will draw insects, mice, and other rodents to your facility. The last thing you want is your precious items to be covered with animal droppings.

Combustibles - Items like oil, propane alcohol, matches, gas, or fireworks should never be placed in the mini storage unit. There are many ways the items could become explosive and damage property and even people if they are nearby.


When packing up your items, you will want to find sturdy boxes that are in good condition, especially if you plan on storing the items for quite some time. The last thing you want is for your box to fall apart and create a mess and possibly break your items. When picking your boxes, the more similar in size, the easier to stack together. This can create a more space-efficient storage unit, instead of trying to fit multiple boxes of various sizes into a tiny space like a Tetris game! Always write the entire contents of the box on the side of it. This will save you a lot of time when you are searching for a specific box. Also, you never know when you think item "A" should be in box "B" and it gets mixed up. The listed inventory will do wonders.

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