Tips For Packing Electronics

When it comes to packing your electronics for a move, you want to make sure that your items are safely packed away and protected from damage. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to not only protect your items and even make it easier to set everything up again in your new home. Here are some helpful tips you can use as you prepare to pack your electronics.

Bundle Cords

Your power cords and wires can get easily tangled during your move. To prevent this, use plastic ties to bundle each cord. If you don't have plastic ties, heavy-duty rubber bands can also do the trick. Attach the cords with packing tape to the back of larger items, such as televisions, or simply pack the cords in boxes along with your smaller items.

Tape Instruction Manuals

You'll likely end up packing away the items in your junk drawers, so take this time to remove any owners manuals for your electronics from the drawers. Place them in plastic freezer bags, and put the bags in the corresponding boxes for each item. The bags also give you a convenient way to add your power cords, remote controls, and any other hardware you might have to go with your electronics so everything remains packaged together.

Take Pictures

If you have a complicated computer or television setup, taking pictures before you begin packing everything will give you a convenient reference point when you begin setting everything up in your new home. Take pictures with your smartphone, and save them to a separate folder for easy reference. If you are having your moving company handle your electronics setup, consider emailing copies of the pictures for use on moving day.

Use Proper Boxes

While you might not have all of the original boxes for your electronics, you can purchase specialty boxes for some items. For example, you can purchase boxes created for laptops or large-screen televisions, which will typically have the exact dimensions you need for proper packing. If you can't find the right boxes at your local moving supply store, check with the post office or a local shipping retailer, as the staff may be able to help you find the right sized boxes for uniquely shaped or sized items.

Insure Your Items

Talk to your moving company about any insurance options available for your items. In some cases, you can insure your items against damage during the move. You may also want to check with your renter's or homeowner's insurance policy to see if it covers your electronics and other personal items while moving. With extra coverage, you can typically recover at least a portion of the cost of lost or damaged items.

Take care when packing away your electronics, and be sure to use packing materials that provide extra cushion and protection against damage. If you are unsure about how to pack your items, ask your moving company if it offers packing services as part of your moving package. Visit a site like for more help.

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