Three Situations To Consider Before Moving A Hot Tub

Good times are often had inside of your hot tubs. Hot tubs tend to be the most relaxing part of a home, which is something that you may need if you have a high-stress job. If you are moving, it may be a no-brainer to take your hot tub along with you. The problem comes when you are trying to move such a large item from its current installment and take it to a new place. Here are three situations to analyze before moving a hot tub to another area. 

1. Contact movers to find someone with experience

While most movers will be able to move every kind of large box and furniture, a hot tub is a different animal. Call to some moving companies and ask if they would be willing to move the hot tub. They may need to know preliminary information, such as how much the hot tub weighs and the dimensions of the machine. They will need to know how much the mechanical parts outside of the hot tub weigh and what they look like as well. Be sure to ask how they will transport the tub and the expected costs associated with hot tub moving. 

2. Figure out how to clean it

Along with cleaning and draining the interior of the machine, you will need to clean the outside of the hot tub as well before it is moved. It is uncommon for many people to have cleaned all of the sides of the hot tub, especially the bottom, but the machine will need to be cleaned and inspected before it is moved. With the moving company, provide an inspection report detailing any problems. Take photographs of the hot tub prior to the move a well. 

3. Figure out how to get it reinstalled

Along with the move, you will need to have a space to reinstall the machine in your new backyard. Call an electrician to check the backyard outlet and exterior space to determine if you will be able to reconfigure the hot tub in your new backyard. If the system needs to be updated, you may need new wiring or you may have to install a new electrical box to handle the boost in electrical usage. An electrician and a contractor will be able to figure out how to reinstall your hot tub in your backyard before it happens. Be sure to have this assessment performed before you pack up your tub. 

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