How to Ensure the Experience of Loading Your Storage Unit Goes Smoothly

Storage units are great places to keep things you don't need right now but will need later. However, the process of getting your things into the storage unit can be a bit of a burden. Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure the experience of loading your storage unit goes more smoothly.

1. Rent a moving truck.

Rather than take trip after trip, loading a few boxes at a time into your car, simply rent a moving truck so you can take everything to the storage unit all at once. This makes it easier to organize the items as you're packing them into the storage unit. You won't have to remove something you brought in an earlier trip to put something in a later load behind it. You'll also save quite a lot of time. Plus, you can transport larger items, like appliances, that you might have to leave behind if you only moved items with a small car or SUV.

2. Pack things into uniformly sized boxes.

Try to pack boxes that are close in size. If you have two or three different sizes of boxes, that's fine. But you don't want a bunch of unequally sized boxes because they will be hard to stack sturdily. With uniformly sized boxes, you can create taller stacks without worrying that they will tumble down, which means you can take better advantage of all the space inside the storage unit.

3. Label everything clearly.

Label all of your boxes not only with the name of the room the stuff came from but the specific contents. For example, don't just write "kitchen." Write "silverware, teapot, and coffee maker." You never know what you'll need to pull from the storage unit, and if you do need to pull something later on, it will be hand to easily look down your box labels to find it.

4. Make sure you can access each box.

When you stack boxes inside the unit, do so in a way that allows you to reach each stack without moving a different stack. You could, for instance, make a bunch of stacks in the middle of the storage unit and then line stacks up in a U-shape along the walls. The exact layout is up to you. Just don't bury one stack of boxes behind another.

With the tips above, you can have better luck when loading up a storage unit. If you have further questions, contact local self-storage services. 

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