Hiring Movers? 5 Tasks Friends And Family Can Do Instead

When you hire movers to take care of the work on moving day, you can look forward to not having to try to convince friends and family to do the hard labor for you. But there are still many — much more comfortable and enjoyable — ways they can help with the move. Here are five tasks your friends can do while you oversee the movers yourself. 

1. Watch Kids or Pets. Both pets and smaller children should be kept away from the moving process, both in the old house and the new one. While most people just try to corral their pets into an unused room or keep an eye on little kids during the day, sending them for a day with friends could help reduce a lot of anxiety for you and your pets or children. 

2. Be At the New House. You can't be in two places at once, so could a close friend or relative serve as the go-to person at the new house while you oversee the move-out? They can ensure the home is open and utilities work, direct movers to various rooms, and assist with the movers' needs. Then you can focus on just one part of the puzzle without worrying. 

3. Safeguard Personal Items. Are there items you don't want the movers to transport? Things being transported by hand often include personal documents, expensive jewelry, an overnight bag for the trip, pet supplies, or particularly fragile heirlooms. If you have any of these prearranged, hand them off to a friend for safekeeping before movers show up. This prevents any accidents and ensures nothing gets packed without your knowledge. 

4. Provide Refreshments. Well-meaning friends and family who want to help might serve you and your crew with refreshments on the big day. They can help keep everyone hydrated and cool in the summer and fill your cups with hot coffee in the winter. By preparing some refreshments, anyone can feel they are helping no matter what their physical abilities. 

5. Help With Cleanup or Unpacking. Depending on what services you hire from the moving company, you could probably use help cleaning up after the boxes are removed or setting up your new place. This option is particularly useful for local moves as your friends or family can have beds, basic kitchen necessities, and your toiletries or clothing in place so you can get a well-deserved good night's sleep. 

Want to know more about having friends and relatives help with your move no matter who does the heavy lifting? Start by talking with local movers near you about their experience moving many families. Whatever you decide, your friends will surely enjoy helping you start a new chapter. 

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